Scene Overview


Scene 1 - Little David (1950-57)

Realizes he is tongue-tied and refuses to speak, is totally in fear, learns to lie -the early years.

Scene 2 - Junior High David (1965-68)

Comes out in 1965, learns to jerk-off, school issues, stripper sister, cops and blow jobs, the car-wreck of the fem/butch culture into gay liberation.

Scene 3 - David in High School & NYC (1968-75)

The beginning of the Gay Liberation Front, Stonewall Riots, Mafia bars, YMCA, beginning of addictions.

Scene 4 - David Hippie Years (1969-1975)

Mother-robber, bartending in LA underage, refusing to cooperate with the draft, getting caught by the FBI, scabies and sexually transmitted diseases, sex!, learning to manipulate looks for stuff, growing of addictions (fear, pot, cigarettes, cocaine, Quaaludes, food, alcohol).

Scene 5 - Show Business David (1975-1982)

On the road with Columbia Records and Jazz artists, the Reno Sweeney NYC years (infamous nightclub where many major acts played and where he was the production director), , Carnegie Hall fuck-up, shitting himself at Lincoln Center, here comes AIDs.